TIPS for shopping in our store...

Rocket Pig Games sells .stl files, not physical products. These files can be printed on your 3D printer at home or you can have them printed by a 3D printing service. Many communities are integrating 3D printers into local universities, libraries, and game shops! The best part is that 3D printer prices are coming down all the time and you can get one for your own personal use for as low as $300! Amazon carries many brands, making it easy to obtain one.

3D printing your own terrain and creatures is ideal for the hobbyist because you can buy the files and print as many of each piece as you need, whenever you need them! You can re-scale anything to the size you need, too! 

When you purchase files from RPG, you'll always get the best files in the 3D field. We aren't just gamers or hobbyists; we are professionals. We've been creating 3D models for over 20 years. Modeling for 3D printing isn't the same as modeling for anything else, that's why so many free models don't print correctly. Purchasing terrain sets is a long-term investment and you can be assured that when you invest in Tilescape 3D Printable Modular Terrain, you're getting a sturdy, tested, quality file that you'll enjoy forever!