Tilescape Dungeons and Tilescape 2.0 Gothic City Available in our store!

Tilescape 2.0 is a modular building system which allows for the ultimate customization of terrain. With our system you will have total control over your structures. There are several unique possibilities for your floors, streets, buildings (inner and outer walls), accessories, and roofs.

~ Intuitive/fast building single piece tile system  
~ Modular vertical walls insert-able walls/posts/columns
~ Insert-able doors and windows 
~ Insert-able accessories and decorations (curtains, traps, etc)

Gothic City is the newest completely customizable terrain project from Rocket Pig Games. We provide you with the .stl files and you bring them to life on your 3D printer. It utilizes our Tilescape 2.0 building system which features totally modular building components from the ground up! 

~ Universal and Versatile Set will work well with many types of gaming!
   (Call of Cthulhu, Iron Kingdoms/WarmaHordes, Malifaux, DnD, Steampunk, Victorian/Gothic settings, etc) 
~ The Biggest Lovecraftian/Gothic horror monster miniatures ever made! 
~ The most complex roof system available anywhere!
~ Make unique buildings in any shape and size!
~ Only modular system that has authentic medieval overhanging building floors.
~ The Gothic City Streets Core set also makes an a very good Dungeon tile-set.
~ Gothic City supplies everything you need to create a full medieval or Industrial Fantasy city!

Monster Miniature Patreon is your one-stop for INCREDIBLE creature models!

We designed our Patreon to be customer-based and fun! We hold polls all month so you can vote on what we create next! It's all about bringing you the creature models that you want to have in your Rocket Pig Games collection! Our miniatures are designed to print without supports and print very well on both FDM and SLA printers.

It all starts off with you joining the adventuring party! Once you arrive, you'll get a botomless loot bag that is already filled with amazing treasures...and some terrifying monsters that your mates have captured before you arrived!  As we reach goals, more loot will appear in the bag and you can access it at any time via the Loot Bag post!

​Depending on which tier you choose, you can also get a monthly miniature pack, a deluxe monster, and a huge EPIC creature model...all in addition to the huge loot bag! Score!

PHILANTHROPY for pigs sake!

The heart of Rocket Pig Games is with farm animals and especially, potbelly pigs. Every raffle we run, donation we receive, and every dollar we make in our store goes toward rescuing potbelly pigs. There are several rescues and sanctuaries we support and because of your participation and patronage, we have donated thousands of dollars and have saved and enriched many piggy lives.

We are also, saving money to open our OWN potbelly pig rescue! We have a dedicated bank account for that and as soon as we get the farm, we will have this fund to transport, vet, and feed our incoming piggies! Thanks to you, this is a dream come true. Thank you for caring as much as we do.

If you would like to make a donation to piggy rescue you can use this link and it goes directly into the piggy fund.
For the Pigs